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Garage Door Service in High Point, NC

Garage Door Repair of High Point, North Carolina can complete your garage door service on the same day. If something isn’t working as it should be, then we want to know about it. Let our office provide you with dependable and honest care.

We Handle All Garage Related Services

Our office is pleased to handle all garage related services to help keep your system running. We know how important it is to stay on top of repairs. When you let your equipment go then your system isn’t going to run as smooth as it could.

Below are a few of the services that we offer:

  • New Doors
  • Tube N Lube
  • Garage Door Repair
  • Garage Door Installation
  • Regular Maintenace
  • Safety Inspections
  • Emergency Repair Services
  • And More

Our skilled techs can access the problem and get you taken care of in no time at all.

Fast And Reliable Service

When something happens to your garage doors even during the night, our wonderful team will come out right away. We know how frustrating it can be when your equipment isn't’ working as it should. This is one reason that we are always open!


Did you know that if your garage door is stuck in the open position that it leaves your home vulnerable to the public? When your opener will not open or close the doors you can do this manually by pulling the cord near the opener. Sometimes our clients don’t realize why this cord is there and it is always a good reminder to test it out from time to time.

Tube N Lube Service

One way that you can help keep your system running smoothly is to keep certain parts lubricated with grease. When your parts are lubricated properly your equipment will work much better. It will also extend the life of your garage doors.

We Install New Doors

Our office can install your new door for you once it comes in from the manufacturer. Each door is built to suit the needs of your family. If you are looking to purchase in the near future we would love to know!

Here are a few of our favorite models:

  • The Envy Collection
  • Courtyard Collection
  • Thermacore Insulated
  • Modern Aluminum
  • Impression Steel
  • Carriage House Collection
  • Impression Fiberglass
  • Traditional Steel
  • And Many More

There are so many beautiful models for you to choose from!

Routine Services

Our routine services are handled by skilled techs that have been trained to spot issues with your system. Each garage door needs to have a safety inspection at least once a year. This allows our techs to check the eye alignment, opener, and more.

Our techs will also check for rust, broken parts, or fraying. We want to make sure that your equipment is up to date. Let us complete routine services for you today!

We Love Our Customers

Garage Door Repair of High Point loves to please their customers. We enjoy hearing your feedback! Call our office for more information.

Office Address

Garage Door Repair High Point
High Point , NC 27260

Opening Hours:

  • Monday: 12am - 11:59pm
  • Tuesday: 12am - 11:59pm
  • Wedesday: 12am - 11:59pm
  • Thursday: 12am - 11:59pm
  • Friday: 12am - 11:59pm
  • Saturday: 12am - 11:59pm
  • Sunday: 12am - 11:59pm

Payment Methods:

Cash, Check, Credit Card

To schedule an inspection by professional technician in High Point please visit Garage Door Repair High Point , NC